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The ROCA Industry Opportunity

ROCA INDUSTRY is the first building materials holding to be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange’s AeRO market.

ROCA Investments has created this first holding by bringing together the following companies: BICO INDUSTRIES, the largest manufacturer of fiberglass mesh in Romania and one of the largest on a European level, SARCOM, one of the most important players in the paints and varnishes industry, and ECO EURO DOORS (transaction signed in December 2021, completed in May 2022), the largest Romanian manufacturer of doors for residential constructions, with a 27-year market experience. ROCA Industry holds 100% of Sarcom, 70% of Bico, and 70% of Eco Euro Doors.

During 2022, Roca Industry expanded through the acquisition of TERRA IMPEX by BICO (based in the Vulcanesti Free Economic Zone, Republic of Moldova), a company with same activity, respectively the production of fiberglass mesh. At the same time, the company finalizing the full takeover of Dial S.R.L., specialized in the production of edged fence panels, woven fence mesh, Rabitz mesh, rectangular posts and more.

The holding's purpose is to develop and scale powerful and sustainable domestic brands, both under a common strategy, and through their activity-generated synergies. Thus, it creates a major positive impact on the building of Romanian brands and on the overall domestic economy.

WORKSHOP DOORS is the second largest Romanian manufacturer of doors for residential constructions. The company has been active since 2009 and the factory is located in Petelea, Mureș county, a place with a long tradition in wood processing. The production uni...

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Workshop Doors

ELECTROPLAST (SC ELECTROPLAST SA) has over 30 years experience in the manufacture of copper and aluminum electrical cables and is part of the ROCA Industry portfolio since July 2023.Leader in the market of electric cables for railway infrastructure, with activ...

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BICO Industries is a Romanian company founded in 2006, identified in the market under the BICO brand, being the first and largest national producer of fiberglass mesh and the only domestic producer of fiberglass reinforcements.Currently, BICO operates at the r...

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EVOLOR is one of the biggest players in the paints and varnishes manufacturing industry. With a history of nearly 30 years, two established brands and an extended product portfolio, the company has managed to become and to remain one of the most important loca...

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The largest Romanian manufacturer of doors for residential constructions, with a 27-year market experience and over 320,000 units sold in 2021, joining the two companies through which ROCA Industry is carrying out its activities – BICO Industries and Sarcom...

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Eco Euro Doors

DIAL S.R.L. is a company with over 20 years of experience, specializing in the production of border fence panels, braided fence mesh, Rabitz mesh, rectangular posts and more.Dial portfolio includes more than 80 products that are mainly distributed nationally, ...

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ROCA INDUSTRY’s competitive advantages

ROCA Investments’ proven experience

ROCA INDUSTRY is created by grouping together the companies (fully or mostly) held by ROCA Investments (which in turn, holds an investment portfolio worth over EUR 45 million)....

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Complete development strategy

The development strategy is based on the idea of consolidation, of ensuring synergies between the Holding’s companies and of maintaining a common perspective and approach within ROCA INDUSTRY....

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ROCA Industry shareholders

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ROCA Industry’s shareholders are part of a community contributing to the development of the Romanian business environment.

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ROCA Industry’s shareholders thus benefit from risk granularity, by indirectly investing in several companies.

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The profile of a ROCA Industry shareholder is that of an active and informed one.